The graphic that heads up every page of ICAN's website contains logos for Arkansas Department of Career Education and Arkansas Rehabilitation Services as well as four small photographs: young girl at a computer, a senior couple reading the paper, a man at work at a computer, and a woman helping a baby operate a toy.  

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Increasing Capabilities Access Network


ICAN AT4ALL is Arkansas’ statewide assistive technology program designed to make technology available and accessible for everyone who needs it.  Assistive technology (AT) is any kind of device or tool that helps people learn, work, communicate and live more independently.  AT can be very simple and inexpensive, like a modified knife and fork, or it can be very sophisticated and costly, like a computerized speech device.  

ICAN stands for Increasing Capabilities Access Network and AT4ALL is our philosophy—assistive technology for everyone!  ICAN AT4ALL offers a number of services to help Arkansans of all ages find the AT they need for home, school, work and getting around in the community.  Our services include:

  • Information and Referral;
  • Equipment Loans;
  • Equipment Recycling;
  • Equipment Exchange;
  • Equipment Demonstrations;
  • Training on devices and issues related to accessibility and AT;
  • Presentations about ICAN and the benefits of technology;
  • Exhibits of AT;
  • Tours of the ICAN AT4ALL Clearinghouse;
  • Information resources like this website and our newsletter; and
  • Technical Assistance to employers, service providers, educators, and others.

The services offered by ICAN AT4ALL are available to all Arkansans, regardless of age, geographic area, disability, income or eligibility for any other service.  Click here or visit the About ICAN page for more information about ICAN's services.  To contact ICAN  or visit the Location & Map page

If you would like to call us, the number is 501-666-8868 in Little Rock or 1-800-828-2799 outside of the Little Rock area.  We hope you'll enjoy this website! 

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