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Are there any eligibility requirements for your services?

ICAN AT4ALL's services are available to all Arkansans with disabilities without regard to age, disability, income, geographic area, or eligibility for any other program. Any specific requirements for a particular program of ICAN are noted in the information below.  Family members, professionals, educators, employers, therapists, and the public are also welcomed to contact ICAN AT4ALL for information, training and other services.

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Can devices be borrowed from ICAN AT4ALL?

Absolutely.  Many devices are available for loan to individuals and agencies.  Try-out equipment before buying, find a device to use while another is being repaired. or borrow equipment for use in a temporary time of need.  All of the equipment available for loan is listed on our website through the AT4ALL Equipment page. Just bookmark the items you would like to borrow and submit your request.  ICAN AT4ALL will contact you to let you know if the items you request are available for loan and when you can pick them up. 

If you aren’t sure what kind of technology you need, visit our pages to find the AT available at home, at work, at school , and in the community

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Does ICAN AT4ALL accept and recycle used devices?

Yes! ICAN AT4ALL accepts used devices in usable condition, with a particular emphasis on durable medical equipment.  These recycled devices are generally provided at no cost to Arkansans with disabilities, though a financial donation may be requested to help pay for ICAN's extra costs to make certain equipment usable.  Some recycled equipment may require a prescription or note from a doctor or therapist before it can be donated. All recycled equipment currently available to Arkansans is listed on our website through the AT4ALL Equipment page. 

If you aren’t sure what kind of technology you need, visit our pages called At Home , At Work , At School and AT in Community to learn about the types of technology available to help in each of these area. 

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Can I get a recycled device from ICAN AT4ALL?

Recycled devices are available to Arkansans with disabilities.  There are disability, geographic, financial or other criteria that must be met.  All available equipment is listed on the AT4ALL Equipment page.  Available devices can also be viewed at the ICAN AT4ALL Clearinghouse.  A note from a therapist or doctor may be required for certain equipment to assure it is consistent with individual needs.   While recycled devices are generally available at no cost, a donation may be requested to help cover the cost of parts required to make the device operational, like a battery pack for a power wheelchair. Recipients are expected to make arrangements to pick up equipment and are responsible for any shipping costs

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How can I find out if a particular device is right for me?

If you aren't sure a particular device will meet your needs, ICAN AT4ALL can help by providing a demonstration of devices that might be helpful.  Demonstrations offer detailed information about devices to help consumers make more informed decisions regarding technology.  Our equipment database includes all of the devices that can be demonstrated by ICAN staff and you can view them on the equipment page.  If you aren't sure what type of AT might be of help, visit the At Home , At School , At Work and In Community pages.  

If you think a particular device might work for you, most devices can be borrowed so that you can try them out before purchasing.  Just bookmark the item when you are looking through the equipment database.  For more information about demonstrations and  loans, contact ICAN AT4ALL .

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Does ICAN AT4ALL demonstrate devices? 

Upon request, ICAN AT4ALL provides demonstrations for particular types of devices.  Demonstrations are offered to help consumers, family members, employers, educators, and professionals make a decision regarding whether a particular device meets the needs of an individual before purchase.  A visit to ICAN's AT4ALL Equipment page shows all of the devices that are currently available for demonstration.  To arrange for a demonstration, contact ICAN AT4ALL

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Does ICAN AT4ALL offer training?

Yes, ICAN AT4ALL has many training opportunities.  We provide training on specific devices, such as Dynavox, Vanguard, and augmentative communication devices for individuals with autism.  All of the training opportunities scheduled in the next few months are listed on the Training Calender .  Some training opportunities offer CEU and CRC continued education training credits.  Pre-registration and registration fees may be required for some training opportunities.  

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 How Can I arrange a Presentation About ICAN or an Exhibit with Technology? 

 ICAN AT4ALL staff provide many presentations about our services and the benefits of assistive technology as well as workshops and exhibits about technology.  Presentations and exhibits are provided at no cost.  If you are interested in including ICAN AT4ALL in an upcoming meeting, conference, or special event, contact us today. 

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 Can the Public Tour ICAN AT4ALL's Clearinghouse? 

ICAN AT4ALL welcomes the public to tour its technology clearinghouse. For those interested in a preview of the tour, website visitors can click on the Tour page to take a Virtual Tour of the Clearinghouse.  Touring the AT4ALL Clearinghouse in person offers the best opportunity to learn about the technology that is available to help people with disabilities learn, work, and live more independently.  It's a great activity for staff in-service, classes, employers, disability groups, consumers and anyone interested in learning more about assistive technology. Tours may be arranged Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by contacting ICAN AT4ALL

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