The graphic that heads up every page of ICAN's website contains logos for Arkansas Department of Career Education and Arkansas Rehabilitation Services as well as four small photographs: young girl at a computer, a senior couple reading the paper, a man at work at a computer, and a woman helping a baby operate a toy.  

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ICAN AT4ALL Equipment Database


Welcome to the ICAN AT4ALL equipment database .  Through this database, you can:

  • List your used equipment to sell, trade or give away;
  • Search for available recycled equipment;
  • Search for equipment that can be borrowed; and
  • Search for equipment that can be demonstrated. 

If you know the type of assistive technology you need and want to search the ICAN AT4ALL database, click here .  If you don't know what type of technology you need, visit the "At Home " and you can find assistive technology that can be helpful in each room of the house.  The "At School ", "At Work ", and "In the Community" pages offer ideas about technology and tips that are helpful regarding those areas.  

Click here to access the ICAN AT4ALL Database.   

Click here to access the ICAN's AT Fact Sheets

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